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Zoe sighed as she dialed the school board's number, and walked over to her window to peer down at the town. It was certainly a long shot that anyone would know how to deal with their current island madness, but she figured it couldn't hurt to ask--if she could get past the [microphone feedback] voicemail.

"Hello, it's Zoe Winchester again calling from Fandom again where things are a little haywire again and I'd really appreciate a call back sometime this century if there's anyone around to do their jobs, thank you."

See, she was polite and everything, there was no reason to ignore her.

When Zoe turned back around, there'd be a chimera perched on the edge of her desk, a delicate little pink tea cup in his lion paw hand.

"Ooo, good plan," he approved. "I'm certain whomever that was will add plenty of chaos to this delightful little burb."

Zoe looked him up and down, and it was moments like this that made her wish she could actually harm people with her glare. "We have enough chaos here already, on a regular basis," she said. "I don't suppose you know something about the current rise in strangeness?"

"You know, I do!" Discord said. "You have very good instincts. I can see why you're in charge."

"You seem to have me at a disadvantage," Zoe pointed out. "You know who I am, but I don't know who you are."

"Right again!" Discord cheered. He even waved a pompom. "You're really on a roll, today. Two of them!"

Indeed, her shoes had turned into warm crusty kaiser rolls.

Zoe looked down at her feet and sharply kicked the rolls off. She almost said she'd walked right into that, but that would just be encouraging. "All right, who are you, and what do you want?"

Discord sighed. Non-chaotic creatures had no sense of flare. "I am Discord," he said, inclining his head in a small bow. "Lord of Chaos, tormenter of ponies and, oh yes, soon to be crowned King of Fandom."

"Oh really? I must have missed that memo," Zoe said. "I can think of quite a few people who might not want that to happen."

"Small minded people," Discord said, dismissing that with a wave of his eagle claw. "They'll soon come around. Or they won't. What's a proper kingdom without some revolting peasants, after all?"

"I think you'll find the people here do more than revolt," Zoe said, giving him what she thought was an intimidating look. "Some of us more than others, when the town is in trouble."

"Oh excellent," Discord said, a little stripped box of popcorn appearing in his hand. "That will be wonderful if I happen to get bored. Popcorn?"

Zoe approached him with a menacing look. "Undo all the weird crap you've done and get out of town," she said firmly. "No one's going to stand for you just taking over."

"Ooo, you've got me shaking in my boots!" Discord said, and he was in fact now wearing very large rubber boots, in which he performed a very dramatic shiver. "I'm completely intimidated. Why, I think you've intimidated this whole room!"

In fact, the room was shivering. Blurring at the edges. Blending from one form into another, a circular tower room with a single small window overlooking the town.

"They don't have to stand," he said pleasantly. "They can sit if they like. Or lie down. Or float in circles, I'm not particular."

It was hard to watch the room blur and shake, but when it was over, Zoe went to the window and tried to peer down. "Where are we?" she asked. "What did you do?"

"In a tower with a lovely view of all that chaos. You won't have to miss a moment." Discord beamed. "Not to worry, you won't have to stew up here all by yourself. There's a mayor to eliminate, and I certainly wouldn't want to leave that lovely daughter of yours by her lonesome."

Zoe certainly didn't like how that sounded for Tamsin - hopefully she'd be able to take care of this thing and get her out of here - but she got a lot more tense at the mention of Grace. "If you hurt my daughter, I can't be held responsible for what I do to you," she promised.

"Tata," Discord said, and vanished in a flash, leaving Grace -- physically unharmed, but likely at the very least a little disconcerted -- in his wake.

Zoe just barely managed to keep from swearing as she grabbed Grace and held onto her. Then, she started looking for a way out of the room. It might have been futile, but she wasn't going to give up that easily.

[NFI! Preplayed with the awesome [ profile] notqnoreally.]
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