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In preparation for Thanksgiving, Zoe had turned to the internet to figure out the best way to prepare a turkey without poisoning large parts of Fandom's population. Many hours later, she was still stuck on the Food Network site, amazed not only at the sheer number of recipes, but by the argumentative comments people made under each one about which one was best. Seriously, did these people have nothing better to do with their time?

Anyone who might want to come by and renew Zoe's faith in humanity would be more than welcome.

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Hey everyone! It's time to cast your votes for this year's Homecoming Court!

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Zoe usually got to her office at a respectable hour, but with parents and guardians and friends on the horizon, she got settled in even earlier, wanting to make sure she had her inbox clear before the meet and greet in the afternoon.

She was more than a little concerned that the feeling that had overtaken the island didn't seem to be going away yet. There was a fan on her desk blowing right at her, but it wasn't doing a whole lot to help. Sometimes, this job could be painfully unpleasant.

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For Zoe, the worst part about the last weekend hadn't been her future. It had been Grace being a hunter, Dean being an archangel, and Sam being the devil. Were Winchesters not allowed to be happy or something?

Yeah, Zoe had decided that question went better unanswered, and was taking her frustration out on stacks of old paperwork by shredding them. It wasn't necessarily making her feel better, but at least she was being productive.
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Despite all her time in Fandom, Zoe still found it strange to have classes over the summer, but she had to admit it was a pleasant experience. The weather was nice enough for her to open the windows in her office, the paperwork flow was reduced to the point where she could actually stay on top of things, and most of the school board spent the summer months on vacations, which meant she hadn't gotten any obnoxious phone calls in days.

At the moment, Zoe was enjoying her second cup of coffee of the day, and weeding through her e-mail. Someone kept signing her up for a Bea Arthur mailing list and not only could she not seem to stay unsubscribed, but some of those messages were just not right.

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Zoe had woken up in a strange, though not entirely unfamiliar mood today, but she was trying not to think about it with John currently being incommunicado and Grace running around the hallways. Thankfully, she had plenty of distractions to deal with, like trying to decide whether the latest batch of emails from the school board were April Fool's jokes or things she might have to take seriously. She was considering pretending they weren't real no matter what, for her own sanity, and for the safety of her poor computer.

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It's time to vote for your kings and queens of Prom! All juniors and seniors are eligible to be this year's royalty; only juniors and seniors may vote in the poll (for their own classes), but write-ins from the wee uninvited freshmen and sophomores are always welcome. :)

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There was a part of Zoe that loved adventure, that loved flying around and exploring space and shooting people who needed to be shot. But there was also a part of Zoe, now, that loved sitting in this office, as quiet as it was in comparison. She'd moved everything back to where she'd had it before (or, at least, where she'd thought she'd had it), and was currently busy dealing with emails from the school board.

Okay, maybe that part she hadn't missed.

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After a year and a half of being back on Serenity, on top of all the time she'd spent with Mal before being in Fandom, Zoe was used to the fact that none of his plans ever went quite right, but this job was taking things to a whole new height of screwed up. It wasn't that Highgate wasn't a pretty world - the snowfall gave everything a crystalline quality that was a nice change of pace from the dust and smoke they usually found out in the Rim - and the people they'd encountered so far were especially nice.

But that, of course, was the problem. No one this far out had any reason to be nice to outsiders, even children, and when the little ones had played with Grace and shared their bread, Zoe had exchanged a look with Mal that let her know he was as suspicious as she was.

In which a Plot-That-Never-Was is stolen. )

[Ah, there's nothing quite like finishing something right at the last moment! Taken from... an episode idea that Joss had but never had the chance to implement! Cut for length and light drama. NFI, NFB, etc.!]
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Despite the many distractions that trying to pack with a five year old around provided, Zoe had managed to get everything in her office into boxes, and all neatly stacked against the wall. There was still a long list of things she needed to accomplish today to make sure everything would go smoothly tomorrow, but for the moment, she was sitting at her desk--the desk, she supposed it wasn't really hers anymore--thinking about the first time she'd come in here. It was, she realized, going to be just as strange to leave as it had been to arrive.

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One of the troubles with staying in one place for so long was accumulating way too much unnecessary stuff. There were a lot of things in Zoe's office that she just wouldn't need soon enough, and she was determined that by the end of the day, she would have everything separated into piles of things to throw away, and things with sentimental value. Judging from how things were looking so far, she was a little worried that second pile would be a lot bigger than the first, but it seemed kind of fitting considering how hard the decision to leave had been to make.

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Zoe wasn't sure why there were gremlins outside her office door making scary humming sounds, but she was going to let it go for about another minute and a half before she broke out her water gun. She would have broken out a real gun, but it would probably leave a bigger mess to clean up.

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The most difficult thing about surviving island weirdness was trying to find a way to explain what had happened to others. She and Sam had agreed that none of the other members of their family needed to know about what Umbridge had done, but she needed to talk to someone about it, and that meant trying to figure out what to say in a message to Mal.

Whether or not she'd ask if he needed her back on Serenity remained to be seen.

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There was a pile of paperwork on Zoe's desk and a few dozen emails in her inbox, but Zoe wasn't looking at anything but the coloring book she and Grace were working on together. Sometimes, you just had to take a break from reality to play with your kid, and anyone who tried to call her on that was going to be on the receiving end of a glare.

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Zoe had a stack of mail to go through on her desk, and she was working through it from largest to smallest. This turned out to not be such a great idea though, because the second thing she opened was the paperwork to get Grace registered for kindergarten.

Any distractions today would be welcome ones, oh yes.
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Zoe was rarely sick, so waking up with a stomachache was a very unpleasant surprise. Still, she had a number of things she wanted to get done today, so she was in her office nonetheless, with a mug of strong tea at her side. Hopefully, she wouldn't need much else to fight the queasy feeling.

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Zoe was in a fairly good mood this morning, and not just because she'd "accidentally" erased all of Colbert's recent voicemails to her. (Earth technology was so complicated sometimes!) Summer was one of her favorite times of the school year - everything seemed to slow down, and she felt a lot more relaxed.

This did not mean that she was drinking at her desk, of course. That was for after lunch.

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When the Howells came to Zoe's office in the late morning, she was expecting them to finally say goodbye. She'd been a little concerned when they hadn't left yesterday afternoon, but overall, their visit hadn't been terrible. Sure, people would be having nightmares about polyester for a while, but in the grand scheme of things, everyone would probably recover from this exposure to normal.

Instead, the Howells had talked about how wonderful the island was, and what a quaint and quiet place it would make for their continued retirement. The tours, it seemed, had been even more successful than anyone expected and now, the Howells had no intention of leaving. At all.

Zoe managed to wait a few minutes after they left before grabbing the phone and calling the other administrators. If the voicemails were nothing but her yelling, it couldn't be helped. And when Grace came in with a handful of tiny green aliens trailing behind her, babbling about how she'd saved-ed them from being squished and could she keep them pleeeeease, well, that didn't help either.

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While Zoe was good about checking her voicemail and e-mail, checking her physical mail happened a little less often. So, there was a small stack of envelopes on her desk that needed to be dealt with before she did much else - advertisements, catalogs for school supplies, a fancy-looking FedEx letter with a bald eagle on it--

--yeah, one of those things was not like the others, and when Zoe saw the return address, she shoved everything else aside, and opened the envelope.

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Zoe read through the letter, then read through it a second time. Then, she got up, shut the door to her office, and let out a stream of curses that would have made Jayne blush. Someone had just reached the limit on the amount of crap she would take quietly.

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It's time to vote for your kings and queens of Prom! All juniors and seniors are eligible to be this year's royalty; only juniors and seniors may vote in the poll (for their own classes), although write-ins from the wee uninvited freshmen and sophomores would certainly be welcome. :)

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