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The island had been particularly crazy this holiday season, but Zoe was finding it hard to mind that now. There was a pretty sheet of snow on the ground, there was good smelling food in the house, and for once, the house would be full. She always missed the boys, but she'd found that she missed them a lot more when she knew they'd be coming to visit soon.

For now, she was keeping herself occupied in the kitchen, debating if she had enough food, and keeping an eye on Grace. Lunch was going to end up everywhere if she turned her back for too long.

[For those who are coming to visit!]
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Zoe had grown to be very fond of Saturdays, because she didn't have to worry about getting over to the school, and could usually spend extra time sleeping in with her warm, attractive husband. The fact that John had already gotten out of bed meant she was a little less warm, but hopefully, he'd come back soon.

[For the people in the house!]
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In the years since she'd first come to Fandom, Zoe had grown kind of fond of Thanksgiving. It reminded her of special meals on Serenity, the ones that came right after they'd finished a job and actually gotten paid for it, when they could afford good food and everyone could get together in the same place at the same time to eat together and relax.

Those days came about as often as holidays around here, so the comparison came easily.

As nice as the dinner at the school sounded, Zoe wanted something a little more personal with just family and friends. She'd actually managed to get the turkey thawed at a decent hour this year, and she was pretty sure they had enough food for everyone, including pie. She knew far better than to forget the pie.

[For the Winchesters and friends!]
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Zoe had gotten a late start to the day thanks to someone deciding to be a human alarm clock and waking her and John up at 4:30 in the morning. When the only way to get Grace to go back to sleep was to let her get into bed with them, she'd turned her actual alarm off in the process, and there went the morning. Grace was dressed, fed, and squared away for now, and that meant Zoe could finally focus on getting herself into the same state. Surely, not even Deadpool and Barney could destroy the school in a single morning without her.

[For that guy who totally talked me into this. Again, the topic of conversation is NFB.]
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With the meet and greet in Barney's hopefully capable hands, Zoe had been content to spend the morning teaching Grace how to clean up her toys so that none of their guests would step on them and break them or hurt themselves. That might teach Mal a lesson in watching where he was going, but she didn't want anyone else who would be paying them a visit to get hurt.

[For visitors and guests and wheee PW!]
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Zoe had planned on having a quiet evening at home, until Grace insisted on watching her new favorite video over, and over, and over again. She was fairly certain that the songs and dances would play a large role in her nightmares tonight, but it was worth it to keep Grace entertained. She certainly wouldn't have minded a distraction though.

[for one!]
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With Grace safely tucked away in bed, Zoe was taking the opportunity to spend an evening relaxing and cleaning her guns.

Yes, those two things went together, in this house at least. Someday, she might even let Grace help.

[for the husband!]
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Zoe had headed back to the house a little earlier than usual, knowing full well that she wouldn't last a whole day in her office away from John. She tried to be quiet as she went inside, partly to try to surprise John, and partly because she was hoping Grace might be down for her nap. It was possible that whatever was going on was making her vastly optimistic, and not just full of desire for her husband.
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With so many kids running around town, Zoe was certain that she had quite a few grandchildren out there - especially since she'd already met one, who'd made her determined that Grace wouldn't be allowed to date until she was thirty. She'd handwavily called the boys and told them to come by if they wanted to, and set out some kid-friendly food for whoever actually made it over.

[For any Winchester kids, friends of the family, or anyone else who has a reason to stop by.]
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Zoe was aware that things had gone a bit strange again this weekend, and she'd been keeping an eye out for signs of trouble - particularly from the two troublemakers she was related to. She was fairly certain that if any of the students had a real issue to be dealt with, she'd hear about it, so for now, she was just grateful that nothing happened to Grace. She took those kinds of small blessings where she could get them.

[For a certain weetiny pair!]
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It wasn't as though the Winchesters had never had a family dinner before. But a dinner for the purpose of meeting a significant other and potentially embarrassing the hell out of one of the boys was a new thing.

That didn't make the thought any less entertaining, of course.

Zoe was grateful for the new Outback in town, because that allowed takeout to be acquired - they were feeding four teenage boys after all - and all she and John had to do was wait for everyone to arrive.
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Zoe had gotten to liking Saturdays in general, but she was especially happy today now that John and the boys were home. She would have been glad to see them return even without the gun, but it was good to know that their trip, and all the mess surrounding it, wasn't for nothing.

[For the menfolk, especially the stubbornest Winchester of all.]
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Zoe still wasn't pleased that John had gone on his recon mission, even if it did give her some hope that he'd get his hands on that gun he'd been talking about. Focusing her attention on Grace made for a great distraction though, and she tried to keep herself calm with the thought that John was just traveling, and things didn't have to go wrong every time he left.

Appropriate icon is appropriate for once! Stupid teenagers. )

[Can you call something a preplay if you write it with yourself? Ahem. NFI, blah blah blah, y'all know the drill.]
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With new students on the way, Zoe's piles of paperwork were growing exponentially. Even so, she'd decided to work from home today, and was splitting her time between organizing student records, and watching Grace play with her new blocks. One of these things was infinitely more entertaining than the other.

[For the husband!]
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When Zoe woke up, she found herself wondering if the weekend had been real, or just a really bad dream. Then she realized how much her breath smelled like marshmallows, and sighed. It was a good thing she hadn't known John when they were younger, she realized, or they might have killed each other.

[For the not weetiny husband.]
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It was hard for Zoe to believe that it had been a year since Grace was born. It didn't seem like that much time had passed, until she started thinking about everything that had happened since last summer. Grace might not have been aware of exactly what was going on, but between her new dress, the cakes, and everyone gathered at the house, she knew enough to be in a good mood for anyone who came near her.

[For Winchesters and other family type people.]
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Zoe was working quietly on the couch, glancing over occasionally to keep an eye on Grace. She had something playing on the television, some inane video that was sure to drive her crazy before Grace ever tired of it, but it was keeping her quiet and entertained, and for the moment that's what counted.

[For two certain young ladies.]
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Zoe was sprawled out on the living room couch, finishing up the paperwork she'd brought home for the weekend. Having the boys in the house had distracted her, but it certainly hadn't been an unpleasant distraction, and since they'd been gone for most of the day, she'd been able to get everything done. The baby monitor from Grace's room was blissfully quiet, and Zoe found herself wondering if John was busy with things she couldn't pull him away from.

[For one Winchester in particular.]
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After Zoe's encounter with Inara, she couldn't wait to get home and tell John about what was happening again. She had to admit, she was kind of looking forward to the possibility of the boys being little.

[For any and all Winchesters!]
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After the faculty meeting, Zoe grabbed some piles of paperwork from her office, and headed home with John. She'd meant what she'd said about keeping an eye on him after his time traveling, and there were some very important things she wanted to make sure they discussed before the day was done. It was possible that having him go missing had made her start seriously thinking about the future.

[For the fiancé!]


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