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Zoe had a small stack of work that needed to be done before the weekend, but she was currently ignoring it in favor of the letter she had in front of her. Or really, in favor of the shell of a letter she had in front of her. So far, all she'd written was the date, and a salutation to Mal. Finding the right way to phrase the content of the letter was proving to be a bit difficult.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.
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In the eternal battle of principal vs. paperwork, Zoe was actually winning for once. Of course, there was a lot less going on this summer. She didn't want to think about what her desk would look like once the actual school year started again.
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Forget about good intentions. As far as Zoe's concerned, the road to hell is paved with paperwork.

The door is open for anyone who wants to distract her with something meaningful.
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Zoe finally felt like she'd accomplished everything on her to do list sometime in the early evening. She packed up her things, shut off the video feeds and headed out of the office to finally go home for the night.

It wasn't until she'd already shut the door that she realized she'd left her keys sitting on her desk.

And it wasn't until she banged on the door to try to get it open that she realized her clothing had somehow gone missing.

Anyone who speaks Chinese? Might notice some very colorful language being used here.

[Have I mentioned what evil enablers you all are?]
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Beware the day after the ides of March, for Zoe has run out of regular coffee, and has been forced to spend the day drinking decaf. Never let it be said that someone can't remain awake and functional through sheer force of will.

The door is open for anyone who needs her.
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Zoe sits in her office, reading more of the mystery novel she started yesterday. She's been humming under her breath all morning, but she isn't entirely sure why.

The door is open for anyone who wants to sing at her needs her.
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Zoe sits in her office using one of her new icons, woo!, still sorting through the mess from yesterday and grumbling about ugly blue things.

The door is open for anyone who needs her.

[I'm going to be away until 5pm EST, but I just wanted to establish that Zoe is in her office today, if a certain sexy mountie wants to drop by.]


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