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Zoe was tooling around in her filing cabinet for the better part of the morning, so she didn't realize that she had a new voicemail until she saw the blinking light when she sat back down at her desk.

Many minutes had passed, and she was still staring at the phone in surprise, and a bit of horror.

[Please obey the OCD within. Thank you!]
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In the eternal battle of principal vs. paperwork, Zoe was actually winning for once. Of course, there was a lot less going on this summer. She didn't want to think about what her desk would look like once the actual school year started again.
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The door to Zoe's office was closed, but the sign telling people to go ahead and knock was hanging off of the doorknob. Inside, Zoe was balanced on a chair as she sorted through the mess of papers that had slowly grown on top of her filing cabinets. She heard the sound of someone knocking, but didn't bother turning around before yelling, "The door's open, come on in."

There was no sound from the door opening or closing, just a voice. "Gee honey, isn't that an awfully improper way to greet your husband?"

Zoe turned around, ignoring the papers in her hands as they fell to the floor, and stared in disbelief. "Wash?"

Cut for length and sadness. )

The door is closed, but the sign is still up, if anyone needs/wants to come by.


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