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Zoe had planned on having a quiet evening at home, until Grace insisted on watching her new favorite video over, and over, and over again. She was fairly certain that the songs and dances would play a large role in her nightmares tonight, but it was worth it to keep Grace entertained. She certainly wouldn't have minded a distraction though.

[for one!]
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It wasn't as though the Winchesters had never had a family dinner before. But a dinner for the purpose of meeting a significant other and potentially embarrassing the hell out of one of the boys was a new thing.

That didn't make the thought any less entertaining, of course.

Zoe was grateful for the new Outback in town, because that allowed takeout to be acquired - they were feeding four teenage boys after all - and all she and John had to do was wait for everyone to arrive.
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It was hard for Zoe to believe that it had been a year since Grace was born. It didn't seem like that much time had passed, until she started thinking about everything that had happened since last summer. Grace might not have been aware of exactly what was going on, but between her new dress, the cakes, and everyone gathered at the house, she knew enough to be in a good mood for anyone who came near her.

[For Winchesters and other family type people.]
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Things were quiet in the house as Grace slept and Zoe looked through the letters again, but this time, she was too lost in her own thoughts to really read them. When she came home from the town hall meeting, she'd found that John had left her a note to say that he and the boys were going to take a look around town in the afternoon. But afternoon had become evening, and there was no sign of him, and Zoe was currently trying very, very hard to not think about what that might mean.

[For the lone future stepson.]
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Zoe was used to spending holidays in the company of quite a few people. But there was something about the idea of spending Christmas Eve with John and Grace, and the boys, and their girls that made the holiday seem that much more special.

She had, of course, taken the opportunity to get Grace a pretty dress for her first Christmas, but at the moment, Grace seemed far more interested in trying to get out of Zoe's arms to attack the Christmas tree ornaments. They were going to have to find some that weren't quite so shiny for next year.

[Open to anyone who's coming by for the holiday, except the Grinch. There will be a post for stealing later. *g*]
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It had been hours since Zoe had woken up to contractions and the realization that her water had broken. She wasn't terribly surprised at how calm John had been, getting her into the car, and calling the boys on the way to the hospital, and even now, he was still calm enough to keep her in the same condition, for the most part. But the waiting game was starting to get to her, and Zoe had reached the point where she was ready to have this baby.

[*apologizes in advance for any glaring factual errors involving the birthing process*]
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Both Zoe and John had decided that today would be a good day to start looking for a new place to live. Zoe had a map of the island spread across the table, and was currently bent over it (as much as she could be, at least), making notes to herself, blissfully oblivious to anything else that might have been going on.

[For two certain wee ones.]


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