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After a particularly vivid nightmare in which Hades and Drax used Zoe's maternity leave as an excuse to let Jamie become the principal again, Zoe was drafting a list titled "The Top 10 20 Things That Cannot Be Done While I Am On Leave." The fact that she was already up to 32 just meant she needed to change the title again.

Also, she just so happened to have a water gun and a bucket of balloons hidden behind the desk next to her, if any of the water fighters felt particularly stupid brave today.

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Zoe had calmed down somewhat after the catharsis of her rant from the previous day. For the moment, letting go of some of her anger and worry allowed her focus on the more important tasks at hand: organizing all of her paperwork for the new students, and dealing with the feeling of being about twenty months pregnant.

"You can come out any time you want now," she murmured, rubbing her hand over her belly. "You don't have to make me wait two more months. Your daddy and I won't mind, I promise."

[Open, if you dare. *g*]
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Zoe was at her desk, finalizing her detention plans, and looking like she was in an excellent mood. It would be a pity for someone to come by and try to ruin that for her.

[For one person in particular, but open to anyone else who needs to come by.]
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Zoe was in her office, working on her second apple of the day. She figured there could certainly be worse foods that she could be craving, but she was going to have to invest in a fruit tree if this kept up.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.

[My RL to-do list is insane today, so expect some slow play if you drop by. :(]
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Today marked yet another round of the eternal battle between Zoe and school-related paperwork. Zoe was currently winning, but the tide could turn at any moment.

The door was open for anyone who needed to talk to her.
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When Zoe woke up, it didn't seem strange for her to be in her own bed in the tower, nor did it seem strange to have John beside her. What did seem strange was the passing thought of whether or not John might still have cooties, before she fully woke up and nearly bolted upright, swearing soundly.

[For anyone who might have spent the night in the tower. *g*]
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After coming across yet another website of oddly conflicting facts, Zoe was beginning to realize that the internet might not be the best place to look for all of her pregnancy information. And as helpful as John was, there really was a limit to how much he knew. Stupid man with his non-baby-having man parts.

So, she'd started looking up books instead, for the moment. The door was open for anyone who needed to talk to her.

[Open as office hours usually are. *g*]
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Working when classes weren't in session had its perks, Zoe thought. She didn't have quite as many video feeds to keep an eye on, the halls were quieter, and there were no students complaining about detention.

Of course, Zoe was aware that the students here could often find things to complain about even without classes going on, so she left her door open just in case.
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While Zoe was waiting for certain wayward students to arrive, she sat at her desk, attempting to compose a letter to Mal, to update him on how the summer sessions were going.

She had to admit, it was amazingly difficult to try to explain jello dragons in a way that didn't make it seem as though the school had driven her to further lengths of insanity.

[open like an open thing, except for the thread with Sam.]


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