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Things were quiet in the house as Grace slept and Zoe looked through the letters again, but this time, she was too lost in her own thoughts to really read them. When she came home from the town hall meeting, she'd found that John had left her a note to say that he and the boys were going to take a look around town in the afternoon. But afternoon had become evening, and there was no sign of him, and Zoe was currently trying very, very hard to not think about what that might mean.

[For the lone future stepson.]
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When Zoe got to her office, she wasn't surprised to find her inbox full of mail, and as soon as she was settled, she started separating everything into the usual piles: Catalogues and Magazines, Credit Card Applications, Whining From the School Board, and Actually Important Things.

She was about halfway through the pile when she found the first of the letters. The age of the envelope made the note stand out, as did the postmark - London. Zoe set the other mail aside to open the letter and read it, and the more she read, the more she stared. Going through the rest of the mail produced another handful of letters from all over the world, all just as yellowed and faded with age as the first one. Though each letter was different, the essential information was the same, and Zoe read through them all before carefully folding them back up and tucking them together. She had to speak to everyone right away, before more people got hurt.



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