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Zoe had calmed down somewhat after the catharsis of her rant from the previous day. For the moment, letting go of some of her anger and worry allowed her focus on the more important tasks at hand: organizing all of her paperwork for the new students, and dealing with the feeling of being about twenty months pregnant.

"You can come out any time you want now," she murmured, rubbing her hand over her belly. "You don't have to make me wait two more months. Your daddy and I won't mind, I promise."

[Open, if you dare. *g*]
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Zoe was sitting at her desk, idly sifting through paperwork, and trying not to spend too much time looking at the pictures that Grace and Rowan had left behind. Even knowing that she wasn't really losing Grace, sending both of them back through the portal had been hard. It would be a really good thing if nothing happened today to put her in a more sour mood.

[For two people in particular.]
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After coming across yet another website of oddly conflicting facts, Zoe was beginning to realize that the internet might not be the best place to look for all of her pregnancy information. And as helpful as John was, there really was a limit to how much he knew. Stupid man with his non-baby-having man parts.

So, she'd started looking up books instead, for the moment. The door was open for anyone who needed to talk to her.

[Open as office hours usually are. *g*]


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