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After a particularly vivid nightmare in which Hades and Drax used Zoe's maternity leave as an excuse to let Jamie become the principal again, Zoe was drafting a list titled "The Top 10 20 Things That Cannot Be Done While I Am On Leave." The fact that she was already up to 32 just meant she needed to change the title again.

Also, she just so happened to have a water gun and a bucket of balloons hidden behind the desk next to her, if any of the water fighters felt particularly stupid brave today.

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Zoe had calmed down somewhat after the catharsis of her rant from the previous day. For the moment, letting go of some of her anger and worry allowed her focus on the more important tasks at hand: organizing all of her paperwork for the new students, and dealing with the feeling of being about twenty months pregnant.

"You can come out any time you want now," she murmured, rubbing her hand over her belly. "You don't have to make me wait two more months. Your daddy and I won't mind, I promise."

[Open, if you dare. *g*]
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Zoe had reached a somewhat Zen state concerning the school board. She'd finally reminded herself that she'd dealt with people a whole lot scarier than the ones on the board, and had gotten through it just fine - well, most of the time, at least.

Her office was clean, her paperwork was in order, and she was as ready as she could possibly be.

[Open for anyone, not just board members.]
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Zoe was working quietly on clearing out all of the unnecessary documents in some of her filing cabinet drawers. It was a little arduous and boring, but at least she didn't have to do a lot of higher-level thinking to get it done. Not that she was mentally distracted or anything.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.
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After the pageant, Zoe went back to her office to do one of her least favorite activities - trying to come up with a way to explain the latest invasion to the school board in a way that didn't make her sound insane. She was starting to think that insanity might be preferable.
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Zoe looked very focused as she sat and worked on the computer. Okay, so she was playing Solitaire. But she was taking it very seriously.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.
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Zoe sat in her office, writing a series of memos to the powers that be on the school board. As nice as it was having a skeleton staff in the office occassionally, using them always resulted in a number of forms that had to be filled out after the fact. (Bills for spare bones? Honestly, that was just unnecessary.)

The door was open for anyone who needed her.

[I figure this goes without saying most days, but it's important today: the radio can say who came by, but not what was discussed.]


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