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Zoe had needed a vacation from her vacation, which is why today was the first day she'd made it to her office this week.

Anyone within...well, a very large distance of her office probably heard the scream she let out when she opened the door and found that the place had been Hello Kittied. Her first thought was that Umbridge had somehow gotten out of Special Collections, and then she remembered what she'd heard on the radio about Jamie, and how she'd thought he couldn't possibly be stupid enough to touch her office.

He was so going to get shot.

Grace, for her part, made a beeline for the paints, which only raised Zoe's blood pressure more. "Grace! Get back here right now! You don't know where that's been!"

[Most likely establishy at this hour, but feel free to have heard her yelling.]
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To say that Zoe'd had a bad day would be a bit of an understatement. She was tired, sore, and annoyed beyond the telling of it. At the moment, she was laying back in bed, imagining a meeting between Jamie, Jayne, and Vera. It was a visual that was doing wonders for her mood.

[For [ profile] demons_death.]
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Zoe had gotten a later start in the morning than John had, so she was all alone in the tower, getting ready for her day.

[For one person in particular.]


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