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Zoe had been through military training, one of the worst wars in her history, and countless insane missions with Mal, and yet, she was pretty sure she'd never been as uncomfortable as she felt right now. Damn Virginia and its summer weather.

The door was open for anyone who dared to come by.

[For Rikku primarily, but open.]
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After a particularly vivid nightmare in which Hades and Drax used Zoe's maternity leave as an excuse to let Jamie become the principal again, Zoe was drafting a list titled "The Top 10 20 Things That Cannot Be Done While I Am On Leave." The fact that she was already up to 32 just meant she needed to change the title again.

Also, she just so happened to have a water gun and a bucket of balloons hidden behind the desk next to her, if any of the water fighters felt particularly stupid brave today.

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It was amazing how much flowers could brighten up a morning, especially on a day that had depressed Zoe so thoroughly the year before. This year, she was blaming her mushy feelings on the pregnancy hormones. She had a feeling she'd be using that excuse a lot over the coming months.

Zoe leaned in to sniff at her flowers one last time, before going back to work, and waiting to see if any of her mentees showed up.

[open for anyone who wants to stop by.]
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The school board visit was going better than expected, wandering furniture aside, so Zoe was feeling far better than she had on Monday. Having Wilson remind her about how important staying calm and happy was had helped too.

For now, she was tackling paperwork and trying to look busier than she was, in case anyone felt like coming by.

[Open like an open thing.]
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Yes, Zoe was in her office on a Sunday. The impending school board visit was doing a number on her nerves, and at least if she was in here, she wasn't bothering John with her problems. Or watching him go off to exorcise any of her students. That was a nice bonus.

[Door is closed, post is not.]
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Zoe had a small stack of work that needed to be done before the weekend, but she was currently ignoring it in favor of the letter she had in front of her. Or really, in favor of the shell of a letter she had in front of her. So far, all she'd written was the date, and a salutation to Mal. Finding the right way to phrase the content of the letter was proving to be a bit difficult.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.
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After the pageant, Zoe went back to her office to do one of her least favorite activities - trying to come up with a way to explain the latest invasion to the school board in a way that didn't make her sound insane. She was starting to think that insanity might be preferable.
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Zoe was in her office, attempting to get some last minute things done before the break for Thanksgiving. She wasn't getting too distracted, although the steady stream of spam e-mails on how to "Cook his turkey right this holiday!" were starting to get annoying.

[I'm so, so sorry that this is so late.]
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As the day went on, both Zoe's attention span and the fuse for her temper were getting shorter and shorter. But she was still around, if anyone needed her.
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Zoe sat in her office, drafting a quarterly letter for the powers that be at the school board. Currently, she was stuck on trying to find a sane alternative for "We all spent the weekend in black and white."

The door is open for anyone who needs her.
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Zoe was sitting at her desk, keeping an eye on the video feeds as she worked. She was aware that she had a stronger habit of doing this on days when Vader held class, but that didn't mean it was a bad habit.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.
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Zoe sat in her office, writing a series of memos to the powers that be on the school board. As nice as it was having a skeleton staff in the office occassionally, using them always resulted in a number of forms that had to be filled out after the fact. (Bills for spare bones? Honestly, that was just unnecessary.)

The door was open for anyone who needed her.

[I figure this goes without saying most days, but it's important today: the radio can say who came by, but not what was discussed.]


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