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With all the parents and guardians and friends and surprise guests around, Zoe figured she'd better be in her office, to field any concerns and answer any questions (hopefully not about certain teachers). She wasn't sure what kind of questions people might have, but that was half the fun of this weekend, really.
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After checking in on the meet and greet, Zoe went back to her office, in case any parents, guardians, friends, or whoever the hell else was here wanted to speak with her in private. She was hoping for non-frustrating conversations, but she'd prepared to have a headache just in case.

[Door and post are open! Zoe will be in her office every day this weekend, and I will be back to answer pings at 4pm. :)]
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With the meet and greet in Barney's hopefully capable hands, Zoe had been content to spend the morning teaching Grace how to clean up her toys so that none of their guests would step on them and break them or hurt themselves. That might teach Mal a lesson in watching where he was going, but she didn't want anyone else who would be paying them a visit to get hurt.

[For visitors and guests and wheee PW!]
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Zoe had put in an appearance at the picnic yesterday, but she figured that anyone who wanted to speak to her in an official capacity would come by her office. Since John had gotten to have Grace with him yesterday, she had Grace today, and was currently splitting her time between paperwork, and watching Grace play with her blocks.

[Door is open!]
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In order to make it easier to meet any parents or guardians who might have wanted to speak to her, Zoe was in her office, trying to prepare for just about anything. After all, she knew what some of the students were like, so she could only imagine what their parents would be like in return.

The door was wide open for anyone who wanted to come by.


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