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Zoe was in her office, attempting to get some last minute things done before the break for Thanksgiving. She wasn't getting too distracted, although the steady stream of spam e-mails on how to "Cook his turkey right this holiday!" were starting to get annoying.

[I'm so, so sorry that this is so late.]
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Zoe was ignoring her fight against paperwork today, and was focusing instead on making sure that all the teacher records in the computer were correct. At least, that was what she'd been doing until she'd moved on to trying to beat her previous high score at Solitaire.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.

[Just in case someone wanted to see Zoe yesterday, but didn't get a chance...]
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The door to Zoe's office was closed, but the sign telling people to go ahead and knock was hanging off of the doorknob. Inside, Zoe was balanced on a chair as she sorted through the mess of papers that had slowly grown on top of her filing cabinets. She heard the sound of someone knocking, but didn't bother turning around before yelling, "The door's open, come on in."

There was no sound from the door opening or closing, just a voice. "Gee honey, isn't that an awfully improper way to greet your husband?"

Zoe turned around, ignoring the papers in her hands as they fell to the floor, and stared in disbelief. "Wash?"

Cut for length and sadness. )

The door is closed, but the sign is still up, if anyone needs/wants to come by.
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Zoe is not in haiku form today. In fact, she's not really in any poetic form. You should all be very thankful.

The door is open for anyone who needs her.


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