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Zoe had gotten to liking Saturdays in general, but she was especially happy today now that John and the boys were home. She would have been glad to see them return even without the gun, but it was good to know that their trip, and all the mess surrounding it, wasn't for nothing.

[For the menfolk, especially the stubbornest Winchester of all.]
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Zoe still wasn't pleased that John had gone on his recon mission, even if it did give her some hope that he'd get his hands on that gun he'd been talking about. Focusing her attention on Grace made for a great distraction though, and she tried to keep herself calm with the thought that John was just traveling, and things didn't have to go wrong every time he left.

Appropriate icon is appropriate for once! Stupid teenagers. )

[Can you call something a preplay if you write it with yourself? Ahem. NFI, blah blah blah, y'all know the drill.]
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With new students on the way, Zoe's piles of paperwork were growing exponentially. Even so, she'd decided to work from home today, and was splitting her time between organizing student records, and watching Grace play with her new blocks. One of these things was infinitely more entertaining than the other.

[For the husband!]


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