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Zoe lounged on the couch, taking some time to relax before she had to get ready for her day. At the moment, she had a pad of paper in front of her, and was brainstorming ideas for detention, smirking more and more wickedly with every idea she wrote down.

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When John had started laying down more salt against the windows in the tower, Zoe held her tongue and didn't comment. But she really felt the need to interrupt when he started drawing incomprehensible things by the door.

"Are you going to tell me what you're doing, or do I get to guess?" she asked.

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When Hel woke up, she immediately noticed three things: she was warm, she was comfortable, and she was in a bed. She hoped Sarge and Cleo were in just as nice of a state, but finding out would require getting up, and that just didn't seem like a good idea at the moment.

[Zoe is Hel from Cleopatra 2525 for the weekend, mwahaha! Open for [ profile] demons_death.]
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Zoe had never been terribly concerned about her general lack of personal belongings, but she had to admit, it had made it a lot easier for John to move in. Not that he'd had much to move in himself, of course. It was little things like that that made Zoe realize what a pair the two of them made.

"I might be slightly biased," she said, "but I think this was a really good idea."
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Zoe was sure there was probably a better way to spend New Year's Day than to just stay in bed with John. But she was having a little trouble thinking of what that better way might be at the moment. Funny how that worked.

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