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Yes, Zoe was in her office on a Sunday morning. It wasn't every day that she had to deal with a student trying to blow things up, after all. Tick had filled her in on everything he knew about the situation, and frankly, she didn't want to wait until Monday to yell talk to Tyler.

[for [ profile] tyler_gone]
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Zoe sat in her office, idly marking student records as she waited for her requested Stickbug invasion.

The door is open for those who have been summoned.
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When Zoe came into her office Saturday afternoon, she was expecting to find things exactly as she left them, with a possible new stack of paperwork sitting on her desk.

What she wasn't expecting to find was underwear of various sizes and colors scattered about the place.

"You have got to be kidding me." With a sigh, she turned around and headed for the PA system to make an announcement, and then came back to her office to wait for the victims to arrive.

[open to anyone who wants their boxers back. you can handwave that you came and got them if you want.]
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Zoe was doing her best not to be distracted by thoughts of her date with Fraser as she waited for a certain wayward student to arrive in her office.

[For Tyler]


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