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Zoe was aware that things had gone a bit strange again this weekend, and she'd been keeping an eye out for signs of trouble - particularly from the two troublemakers she was related to. She was fairly certain that if any of the students had a real issue to be dealt with, she'd hear about it, so for now, she was just grateful that nothing happened to Grace. She took those kinds of small blessings where she could get them.

[For a certain weetiny pair!]
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When Zoe woke up, it didn't seem strange for her to be in her own bed in the tower, nor did it seem strange to have John beside her. What did seem strange was the passing thought of whether or not John might still have cooties, before she fully woke up and nearly bolted upright, swearing soundly.

[For anyone who might have spent the night in the tower. *g*]
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Zoe was beginning to think that pulling Dean out of detention was the best idea ever. Her tummy was full of food, and she didn't have to make any of it! Now, she was occupying herself with drawing. Some of the pictures had "Zoe + John" written on them, with lots of little hearts, but she wasn't going to show those to him.
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Now that the announcements were done, Zoe went back up to the tower to see if John had woken up yet. She climbed up onto the bed and sighed loudly when she saw that he was still sleeping, and when her moan of hunger didn't wake him up, she began poking him all along his arm. "John? John? John? Jooooohn? JOHN!"

[for [ profile] demons_death for now.]
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After herding as many children as she could back upstairs to go to their rooms, Zoe went back to her own place, and pulled her data reader out from where she'd stashed it last. She hadn't sent many messages to Serenity, just enough to check up on everyone, but she knew that Mal would never forgive her if he found out about the events of this weekend from anyone but her.

Message to Captain Mal Reynolds )


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