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Just because it was the weekend, that didn't mean Zoe wasn't going to play work. Principals had important jobs to do, like yelling at people and making sure nobody died. It was hard, but she had paper to draw on and pudding to eat, so things weren't so bad.

The door was open, and to anyone walking by, she was probably at least somewhat visible over the desk.

[Come on, you know you want to come by and see Principal Zoe. *g*]
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Zoe's office looked a bit like a potential scene from Attack of the Filing Cabinet 2: File Harder, but she looked like she was in a much better mood than she'd been the day before.

The door was open for anyone who needed her.

[Eep, I meant to have this up much sooner. Sorry!]
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Zoe sits in her office, watching over the video feeds as she tries to get her monthly paperwork under control.

The door is open for anyone who needs her.
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Somewhere amongst the scattered papers, Zoe sits in her office, trying to come up with a more efficient filing system than the one she already has. Yes, she's just about that bored.

The door is open for anyone who needs her.

[Things will have to be slowplayed, as I'll be in and out this evening.]
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Zoe sits in her office reading a book about Canada as she works on her second cup of coffee. Or maybe third.

The door is open for anyone who needs her.


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